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HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIN AND LEN 2013!! collab with phan and yuki


Kagamine collab with
:iconphantato: and :iconjuicebox-tea:!!!



Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime How long have you been drawing for?
About 4 years now.

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime Which tablet do you use?
The normal WACOM Bamboo pen and touch one IDK WHAT'S IT CALLED

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime What program do you use?
Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CS6.

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime What do you like drawing the most?
Mostly when something strikes an interest with me like a song, anime or a character with a beautiful design, I'll draw it. I also LOVE doing collaborations, so if you want to do a collab with me, give me a buzz!

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime Who are your inspirations?
Miwasiba, Tama, Buzz, Akiyoshi, Yoshiki, 猫太シロ, Glider, 7:24, Suzunosuke, 8'108, verus and Hekicha.


Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime How old are you?
I don't wanna tell :iconminghideplz:

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime Future occupation?
The dream was initially to perform in musicals by dancing and singing I'm working towards being product designer/concept artist/graphics designer.

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime What games are you currently playing?
Monster Hunter Freedom 2, osu, LoveLive! School Idol Festival and Touken Ranbu.


Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime Your favourite Vocaloid?
It will always be Rin and Len.

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime Any other VOCALOIDs you like?
I also like in order: KAITO, MEIKO, MAYU, Luka, Iroha and VY2.

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime How did you get into Vocaloid?
I saw Miku EVERYWHERE on the internet, and I asked one of my friends who she was, and found out she's a singer. So I went on to see what songs she sang, and found out in that process that other Vocaloids exist as well. Being a person who likes men boy characters better than girls at that time, I clicked on 'Sneak Attack Sniper' by Kaito, Rin and Len. And that's how I found out about Rin and Len, and how special and adorable they were.

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime Your favourite songs?
I don't exactly have a few favourite songs because I prioritize composer over Vocaloid. And each composer writes VERY good songs, so I really don't have a favourite song.

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime Alright, your favourite composers, then?
In order - Neru, DATEKEN, yamashizuku, L-tone, Karasuyasabou, Giga-P, wonoppo etc.



2015 July Week 4 - New Kagamine Songs + Rankings~!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 12:15 AM
I literally had everything written out then deviantart decided to have the site maintenance so I lost all my progress. RIP deviantart i hope you're proud of yourselves.

WonFes is finally over! Once I got home from the airport I immediately got on the laptop and made sure I didn't miss a thing it was super intense omf-- We had lots of figurines announced, and my wish of getting one of the Tourabu nendos came true! However this was both a happy and solemn week for the VOCALOID fandom. Please take a look in the General Section for more info!

Find usarei on:
twitter  tumblr

Bullet; Yellow Previous Entry/Week Bullet; Yellow 

HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome, and thank you for reading my weekly posts on the newest and most popular Kagamine Rin and Len songs every week! If you don't want to miss out on the latest Kagamine songs throughout the month/year, you've found the right place!

【NEW】 - New song/s of the week which have been mentioned already in the previous entry.

General PSA for NND Newcomers

If you're getting a NND account for any sort of reason (downloading mp3s/watching videos/commenting) please use NND English if you want to comment on the videos in English. NND English exists for a reason and it won't be respectful to comment on NND Japan because you're commenting in English amongst Japanese commenters, and some people actually get quite irritated with it. Nobody wants to see lines and lines of <33333s and KYAAAA LEN KUN >////< s every 5 seconds so again, please please PLEASE use NND English if you want to comment in English.

HAVE FUN! ☆ヽ(・ω・ )ノ☆
Rank 1 - Sekai o Kowashite Iru / Neru feat. Rin
【NEW】Of COURSE Neru will get Rank 1 because he's G O D

Rank 3 - Shotaiken / Nanahoshi Orchestra feat. Miku, GUMI, Rin, Len & IA
Too catchy...

Rank 13 - Boku no Subete / ShounenT feat. Len

Rank 21 - Alice in Musicland / OSTER PROJECT feat. Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, KAITO & MEIKO
Man this brings back memories...

Rank 24 - Lost One no Goukoku / Neru feat. Rin


~Special Vocaloid Rankings~

EXIT TUNES has mainly featured Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, Kaito, Meiko, Gumi, Gakupo, IA and MAYU in their CDs. However, 5 out of the 10 Vocaloids aren't gaining the popularity as expected, so here's a section that focuses on the songs by Luka, Meiko, Kaito, Gakupo and MAYU songs that get into the rankings.

Nothing this week!

~New Merchandise Section~

This section is dedicated to all obtainable Vocaloid merchandise because usarei is a dirty merch lover. Merchandise that is only obtainable in Japan will not be posted unless it's extremely important.

WonFes might be over, but my hype for it hasn't died down a bit! We got lots of new VOCALOID figurines announced, so let's get into it.

Posted Image 
Tony Taka's Rin prototype has been revealed, and she already looks lovely! I can't wait to see her painted aaaaaaaaa

Posted ImagePosted Image
Mebae's Miku 1/7 scale prototype has been completed!

And when you thought 2 mikudayos weren't enough...

Posted Image
Nendoroid Snow Mikudayo and...

Posted Image Posted Image
...the recently teased Nendoriod Kasane Teto!! Imagine how cute she would be with her little bread in her arms omf-- The picture on the right is the SEGA x Hatsune Miku x Nendoroid Code announcement! Since only Miku's name is on there I'm expecting well.. Miku stuff only /weeps but just in case you're not familiar with Nendoroid Code, it was introduced quite some time ago where you can interchange the parts of the nendoroid like the head, torso and legs. It's pretty much like dressing up paper dolls except with nendoroids.

Posted Image
Racing Miku 2015 (left) and Thailand Racing Miku (right).

Posted Image vocaloid nendoroid_plus megurine_luka hatsune_miku freeing kagamine_len kagamine_rin crypton_future_media pull-back_car rody wf2015s
Lily Oiran ver. from Phat! and CuteRody x VOCALOID pull back cars!

Posted Image  Embedded image permalink
Shingeki no Bahamut 1/7 scale Hatsune Miku Winter Heroine ver. and 1/7 scale Hatsune Miku Orange Blossom ver.

Posted Image
And would you look at this! Luka V4x is getting a 1/4 scale from FREEing too! If you remember the 1/4 scale Miku V3 which was also by FREEing, imagine that and apply a Luka V4x to it yes there you go that's how big she'll be

Posted Image
FREEing is also making Miku and Luka swimsuit figurines! i want rin and len

Embedded image permalink
The Miku illustration from Mitchie M's album 'The Greatest Idol' has been painted and finished! According to hama, she'll be up for preorder soon.

And that was all from the Summer WonFes 2015! The next wonfes will be held next year in Winter, and I'm hoping the Kagamines get more figurines :iconcryforeverplz: In the meantime, listen to the sound of my wallet emptying due to Touken Ranbu figurines.

 ~General Vocaloid News Section + Free Talk Section~

A section dedicated to the main news in VOCALOID, as well as other random things that happened throughout the week!

Let's welcome our new V4 VOCALOID, Sachiko!
Posted Image

She was voiced by none other than the legendary Kobayashi Sachiko, known for her beautiful enka singing! Unfortunately Sachiko (VOCALOID) isn't really versatile since she specializes in enka and traditional songs, but imagine if someone makes her sing with Iroha omf it'll be beautiful..
Here's her official demo:

Now for a change of pace.
Powapowa-P, also known as Siinamota in the VOCALOID fandom has passed away on the 23rd of July, 2015 at age 20. The cause of his passing is still unknown. His last song, 'Aka Pen Onegaishimasu' was uploaded a few hours before he passed away.

Powapowa has written some of my favourite Kagamine songs which I have reviewed in these journals over the years, like『Q』, Shoujo A and City Lights. I've always really liked powapowa's light-pop kind of style and it really separated him from other producers out there.

My deepest condolences go out to his friends and family, and may he rest in peace. In the meantime, here is his most famous song, Strobe Last by Miku on NND and my favourite song by him,『Q』.

(The video's icon looks like a broken youtube video but the video actually works fine. Just click on the play icon yeah)


~The New Songs~

Living Dead Summer Dive / ZankyouP feat. Rin
I really like Zankyou's Rin omf he tunes her really well/// The lyrics of the song are quite nice too, and I hope some good soul would translate it aaaaaa

Garakuta no Machi / YASUHIRO feat. Rin & IA

Decide! / nyanyannya feat. Rin
Putting this here again because nyanyannya uploaded this at an ungodly time which means it'll be calculated for this week's rankings, not the last. Like I said from last week, I really love the transitions in the song, and Rin sounds amazing as usual well it IS nyanyannya lma

That's all for this weeks' songs and thank you so much for reading! Don't forget to comment on which song you thought was your favourite, watch me for more updates on the latest Kagamine songs, and I'll see you next week!

I hope you had a fabulous week! WE ARE A KAGAMINATION
☆ヽ(・ω・ )ノ
You could donate to me on my front page to support me writing these journals every week! I don't gain any financial benefits from doing them. I do it because I want to spread my love for the Kagamine(s) and a few other Vocaloids, to update eager fans on the latest news and to also meet new people who share the same interests as me. 
Thank you very much!

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I don't gain anything out of them financially.
I do it because I want to spread my love for the Kagamine(s) and a few other Vocaloids, to update eager fans on the latest news and to also meet new people who share the same interests as me.


or you can just be a sweetheart and donate to support my art
Thank you all so much!

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