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Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime How long have you been drawing for?
About 5 years now.

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime Which tablet do you use?
The normal WACOM Bamboo pen and touch one IDK WHAT'S IT CALLED

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime What program do you use?
Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CS6.


Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime How old are you?
I don't wanna tell :iconminghideplz:

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime Future occupation?
The dream was initially to perform in musicals by dancing and singing I'm working towards being product designer/concept artist/graphics designer.

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime What games are you currently playing?
Monster Hunter Freedom 2, osu, LoveLive! School Idol Festival and Touken Ranbu.


Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime Your favourite Vocaloid?
It will always be Rin and Len.

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime Any other VOCALOIDs you like?
I also like in order: KAITO, MEIKO, MAYU, Luka, Iroha and VY2.

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime How did you get into Vocaloid?
I saw Miku EVERYWHERE on the internet, and I asked one of my friends who she was, and found out she's a singer. So I went on to see what songs she sang, and found out in that process that other Vocaloids exist as well. Being a person who likes men boy characters better than girls at that time, I clicked on 'Sneak Attack Sniper' by Kaito, Rin and Len. And that's how I found out about Rin and Len, and how special and adorable they were.

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime Your favourite songs?
I don't exactly have a few favourite songs because I prioritize composer over Vocaloid. And each composer writes VERY good songs, so I really don't have a favourite song.

Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime Alright, your favourite composers, then?
In order - Neru, DATEKEN, yamashizuku, L-tone, Karasuyasabou, Giga-P, wonoppo etc.



2016 Jan Week 4 - New Kagamine Songs + Rankings~!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 2, 2016, 8:09 AM
WonFes 2016 is happening this coming Sunday, and oh boy I really can't wait to see new VOCALOID figurines and merchandise, especially Rin and Len ones!!

Find me on:
twitter  tumblr

Bullet; Yellow Previous Entry/Week Bullet; Yellow 

HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome, and thank you for reading my weekly posts on the newest and most popular Kagamine Rin and Len songs every week! If you don't want to miss out on the latest Kagamine songs throughout the month/year, you've found the right place!

【NEW】- New song/s of the week which have been mentioned already in the previous entry.

General PSA for NND Newcomers

If you're getting a NND (NicoNicoDouga) account for any sort of reason (downloading mp3s/watching videos/commenting) please use NND English if you want to comment on the videos in English. NND English exists for a reason and it won't be respectful to comment on NND Japan because you're commenting in English amongst Japanese commenters, and some people actually get quite irritated with it. Nobody wants to see lines and lines of <33333s and KYAAAA LEN KUN >////< s every 5 seconds so again, please please PLEASE use NND English if you want to comment in English.

HAVE FUN! ☆ヽ(・ω・ )ノ☆

~Ranking News~

Rank 5 - Kanaeyo Rattatta! / an feat. Miku and Rin

Rank 6 - VOCALOID-tachi ga Tada 'tetteterettee' suru dake / GYARI feat. VOCALOIDs

Rank 18 - F-Mech  / shr feat. Rin

Rank 19 - Lost One no Goukoku / Neru feat. Rin

Rank 21 - VOCALOID-tachi ga Tada 2 Chord Kurikaesu Dake / GYARI feat. Rin, Len. Miku, KAITO & Yukari

~New Merchandise Section~
This section is dedicated to all obtainable Vocaloid merchandise because usarei is a dirty merch lover Merchandise that is only obtainable in Japan will not be posted unless it's extremely important.

Miku's Hanairogoromo figure has been painted and is already up for preorder! She isn't discounted even on amiami so that's a shame.

Embedded image permalink
KAITO and MEIKO are getting their Hanairogoromo versions turned into figurines too! It was unclear if the rest of the cryptonloids were getting figurines, but I guess this announcement confirms it! Man I would love to get them both..

Posted Image
Remember the Nendoroid Co-de announced last WonFes? Here's the first co-de for Miku, and I'm guessing more info is gonna be announced at WonFes this coming Sunday!

Introducing a brand new kind of Nendoroid which moves, sings and communicates with you! It's a collaboration between GOODSMILECOMPANY and iDoll to celebrate their Nendoroid 10th Anniversary, and again, more info to be revealed at WonFes!

Posted Image
XingChen (Stardust) is getting a figure, and it's going to be revealed at WonFes!

Heyo everybody remember that LoveLive! x SnowMiku2016 collaboration please FEAST YOUR EYES ON THESE
Posted Image
Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink
Posted Image
Just when I thought I was safe they brought out the plushies and now I'm screaming from my eyes...
 ~General Vocaloid News Section + Free Talk Section~
A section dedicated to the main news in VOCALOID, as well as other random things that happened throughout the week!

\ VOCALOID 4 'H' /

Company: 1st Place

H isn't going to be her actual VOCALOID name, it was just taken from the teaser shown to us. Not much could be said at this moment due to the lack of information, but I'm sure all of us will welcome a new VOCALOID into the family!

Here's the teaser shown at 1st Place's IA and ONE anniversary! kyaryloid confirmed (no


~This Week's New Songs~

D / Umetora feat. Luka, Miku, GUMI, IA and Rin
You can't really think of any other producer who has this continuous rock-style of music, it's gotta be Umetora. This song didn't really jump out at me like previous Umetora songs did, but I'm glad DIVINE DIVA is still alive and kicking. The question is when will Len join it eventually.

Feedback/Artery / AVTechNO! feat. Rin and Len (Append)
I've always LOVED AVTechNO!'s Rin and Len tuning but Rin sounds a bit less powerful in this song. I live for powerful sounding kagabooties you have no idea-- I really loved the echo parts in the song, it really gave it a magical and sentimental feeling! Bless AVTechNO! for another techno song since it's one of my favourite genres.

HOME / rerulili feat. Len 
I really like slow paced songs, and this is no exception! rerulili's Len never disappoints and I'm loving every single song sung by him. The instrumentals sound really lovely and I could listen to this on repeat for a long time! Unfortunately there isn't a youtube video available just yet, so please watch it over here!

Logical Seeker / Inumaru Shibaigoya feat. Rin
Another song which definitely sounds like an Inumaru song. Hazuki has provided a translation to the video already, so a huge thanks to them for that! You could read the backstory of this song in their youtube video description. It's a pretty good read so please check it out if you want to know more about the song!

Land Minor / Hai msc feat. Len
This is actually my first time seeing this producer Hai msc, and it looks like this video is his most viewed among his uploaded videos! I really liked the vibe the song gave off, and I'll be looking forward to more original songs by this guy!

That's all for this weeks' songs and thank you so much for reading! Don't forget to comment on which song you thought was your favourite, watch me for more updates on the latest Kagamine songs, and I'll see you next week!

I hope you had a fabulous week! WE ARE A KAGAMINATION
☆ヽ(・ω・ )ノ
You could donate to me on my front page to support me writing these journals every week! I don't gain any financial benefits from doing them. I do it because I want to spread my love for the Kagamine(s) and a few other Vocaloids, to update eager fans on the latest news and to also meet new people who share the same interests as me. 
Thank you very much!

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I don't gain anything out of them financially.
I do it because I want to spread my love for the Kagamine(s) and a few other Vocaloids, to update eager fans on the latest news and to also meet new people who share the same interests as me.


or you can just be a sweetheart and donate to support my art
Thank you all so much!

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